Esnadee is the leading supplier of Dry Ice Blasting Machine, Dry Ice Maker, Dry Ice Container and Dry Ice in Saudi Arabia. Dry ice blasting is the latest technology in pressurized air cleaning for removing tough dirt, residue and unwanted materials that stick and stay with plant equipment due to environment, weather and other factors of production.

These dirt such as hardened soil and sand, chemicals, oil, etc. can not be removed by simply washing and splashing with water and even using certain cleaning materials. Blasting using dry ice leaves no chemical residue as dry ice sublimates at room temperature making it the most environment friendly among other types of cleaning using blasting technology.

To provide the best and the latest complete Dry Ice Blasting Package in Saudi Arabia’s industrial and petrochemical plants as well as other industries requiring the technology.
To make Dry Ice Blasting as the industry’s choice for blasting and contribute the protection of the environment.