The main advantages are:

• Generates up-time: substantially reducing downtime by eliminating the need to strip down and reassemble machinery parts.
• Eliminates the need for detergents or chemicals to degrease.
• Is non-abrasive compared to sand and grit blasting or cleaning with brushes.
• Environmentally friendly: the removal of stubborn contaminated layers without generating waste (the dry ice simply disappears)
• Compact and versatile: the cleaning equipment can be taken to the large object to be cleaned, not the other way round.
• Dry Ice Cleaning can be used anywhere where water, sand or other cleaning products are not allowed: Dry Ice Blasting is a suitable technique for use on electrical machines and in the food industry.

Dry ice pellets turn 100% to gas on impact, which means that only the original contaminant is left for disposal. This natural evaporation of dry ice pellets is a major advantage of the dry ice cleaning method.