Dry Ice Blasting Applications

Industry – Petrochemical Plants
Annual Turn Around or even unexpected shutdown is the best time to clean machinery, turbine, pump, pipe, valves and other equipment and assets that accumulate dirt and contaminant due to weather and aging of machine. Using dry ice blasting machine saves time than other type of blasting cleaning.

Industry – Automotive, Railway & Aeronautics
Automobile Industry benefit from a considerable reduction of cleaning time of …
Welding robots in bodyshop, Moulds for thermoplastic/PUR/rubber/aluminium, Motors, Reconditioning car parts,…

Industry – Electric power
Dry ice cleaning is highly recommended for cleaning dead or live equipment and can be used for cleaning :Stator-rotor installations/ Turbines/ Transformers and substations/ Motors AC/DC/ Switchboards and electric cabinets/ Nuclear decontamination/ …

Industry – Printing
The printing industry broadly recognises dry ice cleaning as the most efficient and
fastest method for cleaning printing presses and equipment such as: drums, grippers and rollers / Side walls and ink trays / Gears, print decks and guides / Delivery units and feeders / Conveyors, gluers / Paper converting equipment / …

Industry – School, Government, Museum
Building walls, parks and monument are often victims of vandals. Easily remove paints using our dry ice blasters. Precious artifacts are easily restored and maintained using the right dry ice blaster.

Industry – Chemical
Easily remove residue and hazards using dry ice blasting machine.

Industry – Food
Food industry is rapidly discovering dry ice cleaning for: Continuous conveyor ovens, fryers / Industrial waffle moulds/ Baked -on residues, carbon build-up, grease / Knife blades, mixing equipment/ Conveyors, …

Industry – Paper processing

Industry – Robotisation

Industry – Rubber
Thanks to dry ice blasting the rubber industry benefits from considerable reduction of:
– cleaning time of: moulds, presses, mixers and machinery
– an increase of the lifetime of the moulds

Industry – Construction & Renovation
Dry ice cleaning is rapidly becoming the preferred process for property restoration and is successfully being applied for:
fire restoration, façade cleaning, historic and listed building restoration, monument restoration, water damage restoration and mold remediation, asbestos decontamination, chewing gum removal, cleaning construction equipment, paint stripping, etc.

Industry – Metal processing
Thanks to dry ice blasting Foundry industry benefits from savings related to a considerable reduction of cleaning time of: Moulds/ Kernel boxes/ Production lines, …It reduces radically the time of removing residues and release agents.