Dry Ice Grit Blaster

Dry ice grit blasting combines both dry ice and a minimum quantity of abrasive agent, to give the only true ecological way of grit blasting!

In addition to the well known superior capabilities of CRYONOMIC® dry ice blasters, this concept allows to take advantage of the abrasive action of grit together with the removal action of dry ice, resulting in :
Reducing dramatically the quantity of abrasive blasting agent necessary for a particular job (reduction to 1/10th to 1/50th, depending on the application and the grit being used).
o Making cleaning up after abrasive blasting much easier and faster.
o Reducing considerably the volume of secondary waste to dispose off and consequently reducing costs(With only 1 to 25 kg of abrasive agent per hour, mixed with 20 to 40 kg of dry ice, you can easily remove paint, rubber, graffiti,… or even corrosion from metal surfaces without any dust cloud). The dry ice completely disappears on impact.
o Allowing abrasive blasting to the highest possible standards of environmental responsibility
o Allowing traditional sandblasting companies to choose between non-abrasive dry ice blasting and ecological abrasive blasting, whatever is most suitable for a specific task.
o Allowing contract cleaners specialised in dry ice blasting to add a small quantity of grit when circumstances allow and really require abrasive blasting using one and the same machine.
o Extending the scope of general contract cleaning companies significantly with one machine

How does it work?
The CRYONOMIC® dry ice grit blasting system is based on R&D and extensive testing proving that combining dry ice with abrasive agents leads to a far more powerful and faster blast cleaning method compared to the cleaning methods separately. In fact applying dry ice reinforces and accelerates the abrasive action of the grit.

The system consists of:
• the COB 62plus series or COB 71(R) series dry ice blaster
• the stainless steel “Abrasive Module” easily mountable at the front of the machine
• additional abrasive granulate hose
• a special abrasion resistant nozzle for the standard dry ice cleaning gun MG1004(R)

This Dry Ice Grit Blaster is based on the patented CRYONOMIC® technology of ARTIMPEX NV. and meets the new EC machine directive 2006/42/EC (incl 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC).

What can you use it for?
With the Cryonomic Dry ice Grit Blasting system you can achieve the same results as conventional grit blasting (realise surface finish : Sa 2.5) but generally faster and with only a fraction of the waste.

Some applications:
• rust removal, paint stripping, grafiti removal, …
• stubborn material removal
• surface roughening before painting, coating,…
• It can be used to clean buildings, infrastructure and other objects of different nature (wood, metal, stone etc.) that require an abrasive touch.

What kind of abrasive can be used ?
Specialised companies selling different types of abrasive agents will be able to advise you the most suitable abrasive for your application. Every abrasive agent with a diameter between 0,1 mm and 2 mm can be used.