COMBI Blaster Characteristics

The CRYONOMIC® COMBI 7 Series is the only dry ice blaster allowing the highest cleaning performance for every imaginable application. It is the most versatile equipment on the market that can be used as a one-hose blaster or as a two-hose blaster according to your application!

This blaster can be used in 3 different set-ups, each having specific applications.
1. One-hose applications
• focalised and medium scaled cleaning applications
• high performance cleaning with low air consumption
• light and easy manipulation

2. Two-hose applications
• fast cleaning for large scale cleaning jobs
• considerable savings on dry ice consumption
• ability to clean at long distance (hose length up to 100 meters)

3. Dry ice grit blasting applications
• new applications by a combination of dry ice with a minimum amount of abrasives
• using less than 10% of abrasives compared to traditional gritblasting

Compose Your COMBI blaster

You can compose your own COMBI according to your needs! You start with the COMBI 7 and, depending on the setup you prefer, you will have one of the following three blasters:

Use the one-hose setup for medium scale applications, low air consumption and focalised cleaning.

Use the two-hose setup for large scale applications, low pellet consumption and long distance cleaning.

Use both setups for both one-hose and two-hose applications.

Each machine can be equipped with a remote control on the gun.

COMBI 72R = COMBI 7 blaster + two-hose gun + remote control

Guns and Nozzles

One-hose and two-hose guns for the COMBI 7 Series:
• Quick-fit nozzles changed within seconds: no tools required
• Nozzles can be turned in any desired position during operation
• Equipped to plug-in the CRYONOMIC® gun light
• The control cable plugs directly into the gun! No more annoying dangling connectors at the gun
• Also available with remote control for dry ice feed rate and blast pressure

Why ‘two-hose blasting’ if one-hose would work as well?
A variety of CRYONOMIC® NT-nozzles:
These are high performance nozzles for any circumstances, changed within seconds and no tools required! They are available in different models (round, flat, angled, custom made,…) and have a length ranging from 55 mm up to 2000 mm and more.

Accessories and Options

1. The Abrasive Module
Combines the benefits of dry ice and abrasive blasting by allowing to mix a controlled quantity of abrasive granulates in the dry ice flow. This is perfect for some applications like rust removal, paint stripping, removal of stubborn material and surface roughening before coating.

2. Compact CRYONOMIC® ‘All-in-one’ nozzle and accessory boxes
These boxes contain several items that facilitate your dry ice blasting job.

3. CRYONOMIC® gun light
Offers a clear white light on the spot to clean. This plug-in gun light doesn’t need any additional cable or batteries. The intensity is adjustable to avoid surface reflection and doesn’t need to be removed when changing nozzles.

CRYONOMIC® offers the following other options:

• pellet rotor for reduced ice consumption
• blaster for automation
• pellet flow controller
• transformer 110 V / 220 V, …
• air preparation module
• sound reduction cabinets
• compressors suited for dry ice blasting
• CRYONOMIC® equipment in automated systems