The CRYONOMIC® hydraulic pelletiser, fed by liquid CO2 from a pressurised tank, turns the liquid into CO2 snow, which is then compressed to form solid pellets. The pelletiser allows to produce pellets in various sizes, according to the application. The CIP 5 pelletiser offers a versatile and economical solution for producing up to 320kg/h high density dry ice. The CIP 5 can be delivered with different extrusion dies.

Whether you need pellets for dry ice blast cleaning or nuggets for cooling applications, with the CIP-5 we offer a versatile economic solution for producing your own dry ice. Standard delivery is with a 3 mm extrusion, dedicated for cleaning purposes. The CIP-5 can be switched to produce 2, 3, 10 or 16 mm in a matter of minutes to suit your needs.
Thanks to the position and length of the pellet outlet, the CIP-5 enables the use of a wide variety of dry ice containers.

It can produce:
• 2 and 3 mm dry ice pellets for dry ice cleaning
• 10 and 16 mm dry ice sticks for cooling and other applications.

Switching from pellets/sticks can be done in a few minutes.

The CIP 5 is a hydraulic pelletiser with a silent motor. It has interesting features such as an ergonomic touch screen control panel, logging of production parameters, hour counter, displayed machine status, warnings, alarms, buzzer,… The machine also has inputs for a CO2 detector. We can offer you 3 types of the CIP-5 pelletiser:

• CIP-5S: production capacity: 80 kg/h
• CIP-5M: production capacity: 160 kg/h
• CIP-5L: production capacity: 320 kg/h

Applications of dry ice pellets:
Dry ice cleaning, cooled transport, catering industry, transport of medical goods, declamping of metal parts, smoke generation, carbonic maceration, process cooling, pest control, cloud making, …[/one_half]